AMB is one of the most popular international exhibitions to Taiwan's machine tool suppliers. They love to participate in all kinds of valuable trade shows and AMB is of course on the top of their exhibition list.

AMB 2022 - AMB 2022

AMB 2022 Show NameAMB 2022
AMB 2022 Dates September 13, 2022 - September 17, 2022
AMB 2022 VenueMesse Stuttgart
AMB 2022 CityStuttgart, Germany

International exhibition for metal working

AMB, International Exhibition for Metal Working, has become established as a top event in even years. It occupies a leading position among the exhibitions in the industry and ranks among the world’s top five events. All the world market and technology leaders come together on a total exhibition area of more than 120,000 brutto square metres to present technologies for future production. Visitors also profit, in particular, from the clear thematic hall assignment. AMB is supported by an attractive accompanying programme featuring interesting special shows. Whether you travel by air, car, rapid-transit railway or train, it is easy to reach the Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre.

AMB 2022 is one of the top five trade shows in the metalworking industry. The industry sectors covered in the expo are automation, modern technology, machinery and manufacturing. In the previous 2018 edition of the expo over 1,500 exhibitors showcased their production to 91,016 visitors on 120,000 sq meters.

The upcoming 2022 edition is expecting a higher number of visitors and exhibitors than previous years. This means that the expo center will be utilised to its maximum.

Why AMB 2022

AMB 2022 becomes a must visit, an important investment and marketplace for professional from the industry.
Statistics show that three quarters of the visitors are decision makers that have specific business and investment plans.

Having in mind, that the organizers are expecting more people than ever, the accommodation availability near the venue is at its lowest point. We at Fair Point GmbH advise our clients to arrange their stay as soon as possible.

Make sure you have a suitable hotel accommodation for AMB 2022 with our secured list of contracts with some of the top hotel chains and independent hotels in Stuttgart.

Fill the reservation request bellow and one of our agents will get in touch with you and provide you with a quote. They are custom, depending on your business requirements.

Fill the reservation request bellow and one of our agents will get in touch with you and provide you with a quote. They are custom, depending on your business requirements.

AMB 2022 - The heart of metalworking

Meeting point for the industry located in the heart of Europe

On five trade fair days, your products and services will be the focus for people whose passion and lifeblood is metal working. In 2018, AMB again achieved top marks. Never before has so much exhibition area (125,800 square metres) been occupied or so many exhibitors (1,553) and visitors (91,016) come to the trade fair centre.

In 2022, we want to celebrate the 20th anniversary and yet another event of superlatives with you. Present your latest technologies, innovations and concepts for the production of tomorrow. Meet existing and potential partners here!

You’ll find solutions to provide the best for your business, your customers, your employees, and even for your family.

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